The interest in making Family Mentor started when I worked at one of the many orphanages in Bali. The children each arrived with a story of their own. Some of the children had been left in boxes in front of the orphanage as infants, some had been given away because the parents could not provide for them and some had even been abused or been in slavery. Others had parents that could not handle the task.
Family Mentor wants to do everything to prevent more of these stories from being told.

The organisation Family Mentor is:

Family Mentor was founded in 2020 in cooperation with the six year old organization “Charity”.

Behind Family Mentor:
My name is Stine Henriksen and I am 27 years old. I have an education as a children’s worker together with an education as a social and healthcare worker. I also have a course certificate in child psychology.

Since I was a child I always wanted to work with improving the quality of life for at-risk and vulnerable children and their families.
I have worked with street children in Tanzania where I taught them different skills like cooking, making jewelry etc. which they could sell. This can improve their chances of survival.
Aside from the above, I have worked at the Jodie O´Shea House orphanage in Bali. While I was there I participated in many charity events, distributing food to poor families and helping at a center for children and adults with cancer.

Many children and families in Indonesia are not thriving, and the numbers are rising because welfare is not available.
Some parents do not know how to take care of their children and end up giving them away to the grandparents.
Others find themselves powerless and thereby forced to leave their child on the street. In worst cases some parents do not have the capability to take care of their children and instead use them as slaves, or abuse them sexually or physically.

For these reasons, these types of families need a mentor for support to make sure that the children will continue to trive and develop positively and continue attending school.
The families also need a mentor to teach them how to function well while creating safety and a stable everyday life.

As a start, Family Mentor will visit the poor and self-sufficient island Sumba. Placed here is a charity organization which talks about a great need for what Family Mentor can provide.

Including the above, the project will be presented for schools and orphanages in Bali. Family Mentor expects that it will grow and spread out more over Indonesia.

How will Family Mentor achieve this?

Through contact with schools and orphanages, Family Mentor will create contact to children and families who need help.

Before the first visit a letter will be sent to the family and inform them about the purpose for Family Mentor’s work and what will be offered.
In cooperation with the families it will be decided what kind of needs they have and how often they will need a visit.

One kind of support is to help the parents with searching for jobs, or create some structure in the family’s everyday life.

Aside from this, Family Mentor wants to secure the possibility for the children to participate in activities or in other ways create relationships between peers.

Because of the language barrier, an interpreter will be hired to translate from English to Indonesian and vice versa.