You can make a difference!


For just DKK 150 a month you can make sure that a family in Indonesia receives guidance, support and education. In addition, they also receive an emergency aid package that matches their needs, e.g. food, infant formula, kitchen utensils or payment for the child's schooling.

Your contribution thus helps the whole family not only here and now but also so that they can build a better future!

You choose how many families you want to support. As Family Mentor is in the start-up phase we currently have not resources to coordinate a direct sponsorship between you and the family you are helping. But it is of course a priority that sets high as soon as we have the opportunity. Instead we regularly send you updates from different families supported through Family Mentor with stories and photos. Also remember to follow on Facebook: Family Mentor i Indonesien or on Instagram: Familymentoriindonesien.

Thank you so much for your help!


Ways to support the project:

  • Monthly payment:
  • 150,- /mo.
  • 300,- /mo.
  • 500,- /mo.
  • Voluntary amount /mo.
  • Single time payment

Single time payment

Click here to donate via MobilePay

Monthly payment

Donations via Danish wire transfer can be made to:
Reg. nr. 9070 Account nr. 1625010434

5000,- a month will cover:

  • Two monthly salaries including hiring an interpreter
  • Work VISA
  • Two way ticket from Bali to The island of Sumba where many of the families in need live
  • The transportation to visit the families.

Family Mentor will at the same time support the families financially in the form of school uniforms, clothes, formula etc. In Indonesia a family typically earns around 1500- a month, and with 4-5 children to take care of, it is very hard to make ends meet. Besides this I dream of being able to hire employees for Family Mentor and thereby help more families.