Close to departure and commencement of Family Mentor in Indonesia

2021-03-02 11:10:01

Now it does not take long before I travel to Indonesia. As soon as I have landed a description of Family Mentor will be sent out to orphanages and schools where those families who might need a mentor can contact Family Mentor. In addition Family Mentor already has partners in Indonesia who says that there are a great need for Family Mentor they are also already ready with some families. A mother in Bali contacted me one day because she had seen Family Mentor's Facebook page and she wrote about how she can get on the list of families that Family Mentor should help. She is a single mother of a 9-year-old boy. The father left them when the son was little and since then she has tried to make her and her son's everyday life stick together. She actually sent her son to an orphanage but he has now returned home. Family Mentor would love to help them! The goal is that Family Mentor can initially help 30 families, and right now there are sponsors for 20 families. Therefore there is still room for you to become a sponsor of a family. You can contact Family Mentor if you have any questions. Familymentor@yahoo.com

Start-up the website

2020-11-12 12:35:36

Then the website Familymentor.dk came up to run.

When the work begins in Indonesia, it will be written here on an ongoing basis what is happening in the field and who and how far Family Mentor reaches.

Follow the page and follow the Facebook page "Family Mentor in Indonesia".

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Family Mentor at Email: Familymentor@yahoo.com